While I agree with many of the concerns about having given away our sovereignty etc., I worry that agitating for constitutional change will be a huge waste of time. How might we more simply reclaim our voice? Maybe just by talking to our neighbours. When we do that, of course, we find that are neighbours are rather set in their ways, or distracted by day-to-day concerns, and don't particularly want to engage on issues like the future of democracy.

So what about using the internet to connect to other Australians who want to plan for a collective future? That, appears to be what Australian Community Futures Planning is all about, but I haven't seen any large-scale conferences associated with this movement where people come together to learn from one another.

It might be that politicians listening to this audio would say in reply, "Australians have the kind of tokenistic democracy they want - citizens involving themselves in a minimal way with politicians there to blame for everything that goes wrong."

What steps can we take to prove such politicians wrong?

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